BECK AND RIUS present their second release on Disguised Arts, where no big names or faces are required to celebrate great electronic music. After their debut, the journey continues to more driving tracks, but also more straight messages on the Coastal side of the EP. Balearic tells another, more chilled story resulting in an even danceable as heartwarming climax.
We generously offer our second release as free download, since we believe in sharing the good stuff to all people. We believe in the community to pay us back by sharing our music and spreading the word. That means more to us than the money we would receive through buy shops or streaming portals for now.

Written, produced and mixed by BECK AND RIUS. Mastered by Salz Mastering.

The coast lines of the Mediterranean Sea. A small village, young free people dancing through the streets, living the life. Taking on the waves, discovering nature. Climbing and hiking the mighty rocks which grew through the ages. Then a small silence, meeting with the moogy bass, followed by strings announcing the dusk. The story continues through the night, where build up after build leads to the conclusion and ultimate happiness in the end. With a driving groove, but still emotional and light hearted, the tale comes to an end.

Transporting the feeling of a very unique island group is not an easy thing to do. But still the track tries to mention the chilled beach sides and progresses to the all too short nights at the Spanish club destination of choice: Ibiza. Then again enjoying the silent and peaceful Formentera, coming back to the bigger brother Mallorca where all the wide lands and varied nature let oneself dive deep. Finally landing at the smaller, more relaxed Menorca. The track changes throughout its texture and paints a holistic picture of the Balearic Islands using several breaks, which could be seen as the many boat trips taken to reach all of its different ports.

All tracks licensed under CC BY
Creative Commons License

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