Disguised Arts 001

Beck And Rius – Disguised Arts 001 is available as FREE DOWNLOAD – see download links and track info below

We generously offer our first release as free download, since we believe in sharing the good stuff to all people. We believe in the community to pay us back by sharing our music and spreading the word. That means more to us than the money we would receive through buy shops or streaming portals.


A wild arpeggiator build up introduces the main feeling of the track. Then, a bassline starts dominating the whole room like the enormous Milky Way dominates the night. Observatory is actually like watching the night sky. Observing all the different layers of the firmament, realizing the sheer size of the universe when looking at the stars and galaxies which shine from the past. Evolving pads conclude the emotions and result in the climax of the track – with high playing synths announcing the first morning lights slowly overshining the brightest stars of the night.


Imagine wide landscapes, a journey from green lands to the tundra, travelling over high mountains into the jungle.  Riding the continent’s borders, meeting people and visiting places – but this is more, this is a journey not only to feed your brain with visuals, but also to discover your deepest emotions. From raving in the cities of the world to the far places no one could imagine to visit when dancing. Journey is a about all that and mirrors the feelings emerging:  from deep to acid lines being played, always accompanied by the mysterious main melody.

Adam Sixteen

A straight statement of the night. Reflecting the happenings and experiences collected at one of the biggest and most important music festivals of the world.
Amsterdam – from Warehouses to small clubs, it is all in here, moving with the grooves – not forgetting the lovely melodic lead which guides you through the night.


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Disguise Arts Philosophy

We introduce this label with no face. Just your imagination, and places we show you.

We are tired of all the hype for faces and big pictures in our scene. We think almost everything is marketed through the front person nowadays. But actually, there should only be one thing that matters: The art. Composed of the music and the visuals. That’s why we do not need a hyped name, a hyped persona or one big human face which gets all the attention. The music should be the main thing we release, so an unbiased feeling can develop from the sound alone.


All our releases are licensed under the Creative Commons BY license. So it is possible that you reshare our tracks, use them in your mixes, but only when you list us as the creators of the tracks.
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